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$$$ We Buy Ugly Houses... For More $$$

We Buy Tucson Homes FAST and for a FAIR Price!

Need to sell your home fast? Behind on your mortgage payments? Looking for someone to take over your mortgage payments? Just want out of your home NOW?

In addition to being local mortgage professionals, we are active Tucson real estate investors and we also work with other groups of investors that can buy your home fast.

We also believe in being fair and giving you an honest assessment of your situation.

Selling your home may not ALWAYS be in your best interest or be the best option available.

Through our local Tucson real estate and mortgage knowledge, expertise, and resources, we may be able present different options and offers you probably don't know are available. We have an extensive knowledge of how mortgages and mortgage banks work and have developed MANY other options besides simply selling your home. As a matter of fact, we have options that the "We Buy Ugly Houses" guys (aka HomeVestors) do not, can not, or will not offer you.

For Example, in addition to purchasing homes and pre-foreclosure "buy-outs" we also offer:
  • Mortgage & Refinancing Options
    If you feel like you are forced to sell because you can no longer afford your home, we may also have mortgage and refinancing options that can drastically reduce your monthly mortgage payments and allow you to keep your home.

    Even if you just recently purchased your home, it can sometimes make sense to refinance and switch loan types to something that may allow you to make more affordable monthly payments.

  • "Short Sales"
    Even if bought at the peak of the housing boom and you now owe more money than your home is worth, there are still options available. We may be able to help.

  • Pre-Qualifying You For Your Next Home
    Should you decide to sell, we can eliminate one more headache in the home buying and selling process by pre-qualifying you for your next home before you even move.... We can even help you find a Realtor.

In general, we are simply going to offer you more options and a MUCH better deal ($$$) than HomeVestors / "We Buy Ugly Houses" or ANYONE else. If you live in Arizona and need to sell your home quickly WE are the people to talk to. Give us a call. You will be glad you did.

Sell Your House Today!

Need to sell your home fast? Fill out this quick form telling us a little about your property and yourself and we will get back to you and let you know what we can do for you!

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Sell my house FAST!
Sell my house but continue living in it.
Refinance my house and reduce my monthly mortgage payments.


I have been trying to sell my home through conventional means, but am having a difficult time finding a buyer.
I need to move immediately or have already moved and can no longer afford two house payments. (example: job transfers, etc.)
I am in danger of falling behind on my mortgage payments.
I am behind on my mortgage payments.
I am in foreclosure.

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