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The Miller mortgage-team is your #1 resource in Tucson when it comes to refinancing your home. Rather you are looking for a lower interest rate, getting a home equity loan to pay off bills or to put your kids through college, The Miller Team has you covered. Why? The reason is simple. We have the widest variety of lenders and home refinancing loan programs available. No matter what your situation is, what your goals are, or what your credit profile looks like, we have a refinancing plan specifically tailored to your specific needs.

Top Reasons for Refinancing in Tucson
  • Getting a Lower Interest Rate
    Refinancing your home can be a GREAT way to save money every month in addition to saving a substantial amount of money through the life of your home loan.

    If you have owned your home for a number of years, originally put down a large down payment when you purchased your home, or have substantial equity built up in your home (for instance, if you purchased your home at the beginning or before the housing "boom"), refinancing can also reduce your monthly payments if you are having difficulty paying your monthly mortgage payments, are facing foreclosure, or simply would like to have more money to put towards other expenses.

  • Debt Consolidation
    Often times, if you have numerous bills you are having difficulty just paying the minimums on each month, you bundle all of your debts (car loans, credit cards, second mortgages) into one easy payment at a much lower interest rate, saving you money and time on your debt repayment and also maintaining and improving your personal credit.

  • Switching Loan Types
    You may wish to trade your Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) in for a fixed loan or vice versa. You may have received a great rate to take out an ARM when you bought the house, but rates went up and your interest rate followed suit. Now, rates are back down and you would like to lock in the lower rate instead of riding the ARM roller coaster. That is one good example why many people refinance. Conversely, perhaps with a fixed rate loan you are stuck with a high rate. Switching to a very low interest rate APR may save you a great deal of money.

    People also can save themselves quite a bit of money or cut back on monthly mortgage expenses when financial problems and situations arise. This is often done when there is substantial equity in the home or by switching loan types.

  • Build Equity Faster
    If you refinance at a lower interest rate, you can pay less each month or you can write a check for the same amount you were paying, effectively building up equity in your home much quicker. Just be sure to earmark the extra payment for principal only (not interest)

  • Getting CASH Equity Out of Your Home
    If you have built up equity in your home, you can actually refinance and "cash out". Many people do this to pay for significant life events, such as weddings, college tuition, a special vacation, or even home repair.

When to Refinance
The perfect time to refinance is when interest rates fall or before interest rates begin to rise again if you have yet to refinance. Check with us for the latest interest rates and to see how much we can save you.

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Loan Officer
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