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The Miller mortgage-team at Home Loan Executives are your local home construction loan experts. We specialize in primary residences, second homes, spec homes, as well as funding other types of residential construction. If you're thinking of building a home in Arizona, whether for yourself or as a builder, then there are many plans and decisions you will need to make. You will be calling upon the talents of many experts to help you along the way. Having been through the process, we have the type of expertise in construction lending you can rely on to guide you through the building process. We keep in close contact with both yourself and your contractor's, to ensure your construction loan is as quick and simple as it can be. 

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Joshua C. Miller
Loan Officer
Josh @ JCMillerMortgage.com
Charlie Morriss
Loan Officer
Charlie @ JCMillerMortgage.com
Don Brown
Loan Officer
Don @ JCMillerMortgage.com